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Are you ready to experience a new spin on advertising? Finishing.TV now gives you the ability to spread your message to hundreds of people through specially targeted commercials, which will play on any of our Network shows. The biggest medium for advertising has always been television; the problem, however, is that television advertisements are too generic for the Metal Finishing Industry. It’s not like there is a Metal Finishing Channel -- or is there?

Finishing.TV is the first metal finishing channel, right here on the internet. Here, hundreds of users flock to watch industry related shows in high quality, multimedia video and audio. Never before has there been a single point of advertising for this industry with this much potential…and it’s only going to get better.

Everyone learns differently; some prefer reading, some prefer audio, and others prefer visual stimulation. Tests have proven that the best way to get someone to remember something is to address all of these learning methods. This is the main reason television advertisements are so effective. At Finishing.TV all your bases are covered, so you can be sure that your company will effectively stand out in our viewers’ minds.

We place our sponsor’s advertisements right in the middle of the action. Unlike a standard advertisement where the viewer can skip right through, your advertisement will be incorporated into the show’s content. Whether it’s Paul and Skelton trying to get the sponsor’s slogan right in Finishing Talk Live, or a product placement, we make watching your advertisement engaging to the viewer.