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The Future of Television for the Metal Finishing Industry

Finishing TV – An IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) network for the Metal Finishing Industry – is a collaboration of Industry and Technology to create a new outlet for educational and informative entertainment. Think of it as television targeted directly towards Metal Finishers and their needs, with the convenience and availability that only on-demand media can provide.

“Why internet television?”, you may ask. As you read this, cable and satellite providers are struggling to find better ways to transfer their media to your set top box. As an increasing number of TV shows and movies switch to HD (High Definition) format, paired with the increase in total channels, these companies start to run out of bandwidth. In other words, they are transferring too much data through too small and slow of a connection.

This is where IPTV steps in. With the widespread use and incredible growth of the internet, many of us will be able to afford fiber optic internet connections in our homes within the next 5 years. These new fiber connections are capable of transferring data over 1000 times faster than any satellite or cable provider.

Why then are so many companies investing money into finding a solution when the solution already exists? Because by making their content available online they suddenly loose the need for the proprietary technology. Once you cut out the multimillion dollar satellites and proprietary technology you make the market more accessible to smaller companies, thus creating competition. In the future you will see many new independent stations representing every kind of niche or industry, such as our Metal Finishing Television Station.

At Finishing.TV, we believe that information and knowledge should be free and easily accessible to everyone - this is the purpose of the internet (originally, anyway). Our network strives to provide high quality content without charge. In the very near future we will be expanding our capabilities so that your viewing experience can encompass televisions, MP3 players, and more. Imagine a world where your TiVo (Digital VCR) automatically downloads new episodes of your favorite Finishing TV shows and saves them, so that they are ready to watch at your convenience, in the comfort of your living room. Imagine downloading any of our shows in audio format and listening to them on your commute to work.

As we speak, there are many new IPTV networks being born. This is the way the world is moving – and as a viewer you’re living on the cutting edge of technology. Welcome to Finishing TV – the future of television.